For Best Results

Pull the broom towards you to best guide the dirt

How to put your Head on the Handle

When putting the head onto the broom DO NOT SCREW it on, you will never get it on all the way. Simple start the head over the top of the pole and rock it back and forth until all you see is head and handle and none of the black threading on the pole. 

For Use on Dry Surface

The rubber broom will sweep lint, dust and other spilled substances on smooth or hard surfaces.

For Use on Wet Surfaces

The rubber broom can be used in conjunction with detergents or other cleaners and water and clean smooth, rough and even glass surfaces. Can be used outdoors even to remove snow from steps, walkways and vehicles.

Use the Bladed Surface

Use the reverse side of the broom for use as a squeegee. 

For Use on Carpets

To best collect pet hair, lint or other materials from carpet; pull firmly in short strokes toward you over the carpet. To clean the hair and other debris, pat the broom against a hard surface.

Rugged and Versitile

The rubber bristles can resist cold or heat and will endure frequent use on course surfaces and are delicate enough for use on hardwood, automobiles, recreational vehicles and boats.

The Rubber broom can withstand use on cement and brick to collect heavy dirt, leaves, sand, grass and snow.

Cleaning the Brrom Head

Prior to the first use, wash the head in regular household detergent and hot water. Any material picked up during the manufacturing, packing and shipping will be removed and not transmitted to your floor or rugs. After using, remove the head from the handle and rinse under hot water or place in the dishwasher. When replacing the head on to the broom DO NOT screw it on, simply rock it back and forth onto the handle until secured into place.